As many of us have heard the phrase before there’s nothing new under sun. No matter how original your content ideas are, it is likely that somebody else, someplace else was on the same wavelength. What is unique to you, however, as a creative, is your voice.

The focus of this post will be about finding it and why doing so is a vital part of your journey as a content creator.

What is a voice?

Your voice is your distinct and immediately recognisable style often influenced by your unique perspective or worldview

It can be expressed in numerous ways from the common themes found in your work, to colour schemes, to editing techniques to give but a few examples.

Simply put it’s the part of a creator’s work that allows you as the audience to identify a piece of content as theirs.

Why do I need to find my voice?

Within the creative community, the phrase content is king is one which is thrown around a lot. Finding your voice is one of the best ways to ensure your content remains engaging and more importantly identifiable by your audience.

In finding your voice you introduce an element of consistency. Regardless of a change in topic, your audience will continue to connect with whatever ever distinct trait drew them in, in the first place.

Outside of the obvious (spelling, grammar, punctuation etc) finding your voice is the key to producing high quality, memorable content.

How do I find my voice?

This is probably the most important question in this post.

Think of the process like a filter. You go through all of the elements of the creative process, identify the ones you enjoy the most and disregard those you don’t.

It is important that you are honest with yourself here; if not you will find yourself losing passion very early on.

If you are still having trouble finding your voice the following questions may help:

What makes you angry?

This question is essentially asking you what ignites your soul enough to propel you into taking action. This question requires you to reflect on what you are truly passionate about and is asking you to consider what evokes emotion within you.

What are you good at?

Are there skills you have that are like second nature to you?

I can guarantee something came to mind as soon as you asked yourself that question. Write it down.

This is a likely indicator of an avenue from which you can pursue your voice, or at the very least a starting point on your journey to finding it.

My final piece of advice when trying to find your voice is: do not be afraid to evolve. Sometimes you will find yourself going in a different direction to the one you initially anticipated – that’s okay!

Change is a good thing and an inevitable part of growth.

Your source of inspiration may change, what ignites the passion within you may also change but that’s the exciting part of being a content creator. The ability to experiment and try new things without losing who you are as a creative.

So have fun, experiment, and explore your craft. While I can’t tell you what it is you should be looking for, I can tell you that you’ll know when you have found it.

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