This blonde, Brooklyn, beauty is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with on the country music scene.

Following comparisons to Taylor Swift, after the release of her debut album ‘Paper Heart’ back in 2011, Binder took some time out and relocated to Music City to refine her sound.

In 2014 Binder took the country world by storm making a comeback with her 5-track-EP ‘Nashville’. While songs like ‘Nashville’ and ‘Ready to Fall’ stay true to the country roots, Binder definitely pushes boundaries with up tempo songs like ‘Gotta Have You’ ; reminding us of her previous pop flair.

Along with her heartfelt lyrics and amazing vocals Binder stands out from the crowd with her ability to tell a story. Every song feels like a part of the journey.

After spending the year touring with Country legend Ronnie Milsap and joining the Buddy Lee Attractions, Binder has proved there’s nothing she isn’t capable of doing.

This leads us to the question, what on earth will she do next?

IndustryMe caught up with Risa Binder to talk about her plans for the the future.

What inspires the music you write?

I’m inspired by life. Listening to my friends stories ..falling in love, breaking up..the roller coaster ride ..traveling for music and meeting new people..I once wrote a song from a conversation I overheard in a bar..

How is your new Album coming along? Is there a release date yet?

My next record is more than halfway finished! Super excited about it! It’s got more driving uptempo songs and a bit more attitude. I can’t wait to sing those songs live too!

How is this new album different to your previous projects?

My last EP “Nashville” was a dream to make with record producer “Luke Wooten” (Brad Paisley, Dierks Bentley, Kellie Pickler) it’s got pedal steel on every song which is one of my favorite sounds in the world . Love singing those songs on the road!

Cover for Nashville by Risa Binder. Her 5 track comeback EP.With her amazing talent and positive attitude Risa Binder is not only an incredible artist but also great role model!

Nothing will stop this star from rising and I can’t wait to see it!

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