Today the spotlight is on the angelic vocals of Ireland based singer songwriter Colette Kavanagh.

After being taught singing and dancing from the age of 7, Colette Kavanagh has since gone on to have her music featured in a multi award-winning short film, interviewed and played on a wide selection of radio stations, not to mention guest singing on a tour with Johnny Cash guitarist Bob Wooton to name but a few achievements in her music career.

Back with her new single Once In A Lifetime, Kavanagh is showing the industry, the true meaning of heartfelt.

The song, which details the timeless story of two lovers, is beautifully accented by the touching music video. The actors really do a great job of telling this poignant tale.

Kavanagh’s light and effortless vocals tell the story of The kind of love that only comes once in a lifetime is shared between two musicians. There is something that sounds so pure and genuine listening to her music, she has this special way of transporting you into a different space with her tender voice.

My favourite part of the song are the ooos in the outro which are hauntingly beautiful, reflecting the untimely end of the relationship.

To me this song feels like it should be a part of a movie soundtrack. So for all of you budding directors out there be sure to keep our girl in mind.

I am honestly excited to hear more music from Kavanagh and really hope she releases and album soon.

You can listen to Colette Kavangh’s new single, Once In A Lifetime HERE

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You can find details on this along with further information on Colette Kavanagh by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at and

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