Singing since the age of 10, Ella Jinks passion for songwriting began developing when she was accepted into the musical faculty at the Brit School in 2016.

Since then, she has collaborated with musicians and producers in the UK and overseas and now releases her new single, Late Bloomer.

Think birdy in the without a word era but with a subtle jazz influence and that’s how I would describe Late Bloomer by Ella Jinks.

There’s just something so innocent and pure about her voice.

Late Bloomer tells the story of realising you and the person you’re with are in two different places. It depicts the sad realisation of outgrowing a relationship. With lines like

“I can’t repeat this/when you’re always two steps behind/no point in moving backwards”

The delicate flutters in her voice when she reaches her upper register are simply endearing.

Lyrically, the song is incredibly cryptic in its story but I think that was done intentionally, to allow it to be applicable to a range of scenarios.

Its an emotionally authentic song, which is beautifully simple and equally relatable.