Introducing Hannah Brown who is based in Birmingham, England.

Having always had a passion for music, Hannah Brown initially played the drums before settling on her Mum’s guitar and developing her instrumental and song writing skills.

Since then, she has gone on to receive radio exposure and rave reviews which helped contribute towards her being chosen by Jo Whiley to play a BBC live showcase in Birmingham as part of the BBC Music Awards to name but a few achievements.

Hannah has often been described as being soulful, raw and deeply emotional, and that definitely shines through in her song ’empty’ taken from the ‘Better For This’ EP

What I enjoy most about empty is the beauty in its simplicity. It really allows the listener to take a step back and reflect on Brown’s vocals and what she is trying to get across with her lyrics. That being said the song is not short of big moment, particularly the crescendo in the lead up to the final chorus. The use of the drums to create tension and a musical representation of time running out is truly powerful.

The song details the feeling left after coming to the realisation that someone is not right for you. it discusses the idea of ignoring the red flags and warnings and dealing with the consequences. It is a rather self-reflective break up song. It’s not your usual whiny breakup song but rather a lyrically ept post break up contemplation.

You can listen to Hannah Brown’s new single Empty HERE and let me know your thoughts in the comments below

you can find more information on Hannah Brown by visiting her website or you can follow her on social media at and

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