With no Label, Management or Booking Agent, Jacob Lee is in a league of his own. Primarily a Singer/Songwriter, at 22, Jacob has taken up the role of entrepreneur, surpassing 6 Million Spotify streams with only 8 songs released. Known for his meaningful, emotive lyricism, powerful melodies & mesmerising live show, Jacob is one of the only independent, Australian Artists to achieve features on Official ‘Spotify UK’, ‘Topsify Germany’ & ‘Philippines Viral 50’ Playlists.
IndustryMe caught up with Jacob Lee to find out more about the man behind the music.
IM: How would you describe your sound to someone who had never heard your music before?
JL: That’s difficult! My sound tends to change depending on which message I’m trying to deliver…
Nevertheless, if I were to speak in genre it would be along the lines of Alternative Pop. Nowadays, I think it’s become somewhat difficult for an artist to linger within one or two genres, we have so much at our fingertips & creative people, we love to explore. I find it refreshing to watch artists venture into uncharted avenues, I think that’s how music evolves.
When people speak of my music, 90% of the time they are intrigued by the lyricism & the emotions they felt from it, & I love that.
IM: What is a typical day in the life of Jacob Lee like?
JL: It’s not what you might expect… I spend hours upon hours networking my original music; it’s something that you can easily get caught up in, which has been a blessing & a curse for me. I spent 2016 writing the best music I’ve ever written, most yet to be released, & as a result my days now either consist of recording that music, storyboarding concepts for future Music Video’s, writing music for other artists & of course, gym.
I also love spending time with my girlfriend Nikki, my friends & family & you’ll most likely find me surfing somewhere.
IM:How does the songwriting process work for you ( I.e how long does it take, where do you find your inspiration etc)
JL: My best writing seems to crawl out from my subconscious. ‘Breadcrumbs’, ‘Ghost’ & ‘Slip’ were all written in under 30 minutes, other songs like ‘I Just Know’ & ‘Chariot’ took almost a week. For me, crafting words in a manner that stirs emotion has always been something that’s intrigued me. It’s difficult to explain the adrenaline you get when you know you’re onto something special, & I won’t release something unless I’ve felt that adrenaline.
My longterm vision, alongside establishing myself as a solo artist is to slip behind the scenes as a songwriter & lyricist for other passionate artists. I was given a way with words, & I’m passionate about honing that craft, so I’d love to share that with as many people as possible whilst I’m here. At the moment I feel as though modern pop music lacks depth, I want to bring true meaning back into pop culture.
IM: How do you decide whether or not a song should be a single?
As soon as I write a song I can tell whether it’ll be a single or not, & I think that’s the same for most artists. ‘Chariot’, ‘I Just Know’ & my upcoming single ‘Demons’ were all conjured with this natural aura surrounding them… It’s hard to explain, you can just tell.
IM: What was it like touring with ‘Justice Crew’?
JL: They were great guys, super genuine, equally as talented & have an extremely loyal fan base throughout Australia. I’m excited to see the music they conjure up next.
IM: Are you planning to go on a tour of your own in the near future?
JL: Yep!
IM: What’s the hardest part of the songwriting process?
JL: Establishing another artists vision on paper can prove to be a challenge… When writing lyrics, it’s quite easy to be selfish with how you convey a message, it’s somewhat more difficult to dive into someone else’s emotions, empathise with them & do their stories justice. Luckily, nowadays I’m generally given free reign over the theme of a track & I can be as creative as I wish.
If you’re passionate about becoming a songwriter, my advice (Not that you asked) would be to write as often as possible. Spend time materialising your ideas & finish every song, even if you think it’s the worst. Keep creating content until you start creating magic, it’ll happen, you just need to be patient.

IM: What’s the most challenging thing about being an independent artist? 
JL: Honestly, when you’re first starting out, it’s getting people to genuinely care about you & your art. It’s understandable, with millions of established musicians already leaving their mark, why would anyone listen to you? I faced this for a solid decade, & learnt that persistence is the answer to every passion.
I’ve come to realise that if you give up, the journey was never right for you in the first place. The heartache, the doubt, the fear, the loneliness, it all develops you into a stronger, more knowing individual. Taking on a creative industry independently will force you to evolve into a seasoned business person, it’ll teach you to use your charisma & grasp opportunities that assist your growth, whilst disregarding the ones that inhibit you.
For the first 10 years of this career, I kept a lookout for the people that would take me to the next level, I’ve only realised in the last few years that I’m that person.
IM: What’s the best thing about being an independent artist?
JL: The freedom to create whatever I wish to create.
IM: Where do you see your career in 5 years?
JL: So much can be achieved in 5 years… As of today I’m successfully reaching thousands of people with my original music, in 5 years I see myself actively impacting millions. I write lyrics for the sole purpose of providing insight, knowledge & hope to people that don’t know how to acquire it, so, in 5 years time, I’ll have spread my message wide enough to truly make a positive difference to our planet.