Written by Karina Kurani

Julia Keidl  is a unique singer and offers a diverse spectrum of experience and talent.

Her resume is filled with years of piano lessons and numerous awards and accomplishments.
Besides being a musician with various skills, Julia is also an incredible singer. Her music is soft, gentle and mellow just like the singer herself.  The piano perfectly complements her voice.

Her EP titled ” Keep on sailing ” is the perfect listen especially in this chilly autumn weather.

Also if you are ever in Germany, I encourage you to see Julia perform live. Everyone would agree that  seeing the artist on the stage and listening  to the record are two totally different experiences. Guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed. Julia knows how to engage and captivate her audience.

Fun fact:  besides the piano she also plays the organ and the ukulele!

So, I am inviting you to dive into Julia’s beautiful world and visit her website: