Today the spotlight is on  Singer Songwriter Kerry Goodhind from London, England.

Having always had a passion and flair for musical performance since her hands graced the keys of her first piano at the tender age of 5, Kerry Goodhind has not looked back since.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Dusty Springfield, Stevie Nicks, and Etta James to name but a few, Goodhind has now begun making quite an impact on the music scene with festival performances and BBC TV appearances.

The common thread in Goodhind’s music is how intentional she is with her instrumentation. The single ‘Give me more’ from her album ‘Integrity’ is certainty no exception. It is one of those songs that you just know would sound incredible live with a band and Goodhind’s crisp vocals.

The use of strings in this track cannot go unnoticed, adding another layer of emotion really reflecting Goodhind’s frustration with the crescendo building up to the chorus.

The unexpected breakdown at the bridge is my favourite part of the song, really expressing her genius as a songwriter and musician. What can I say I guess the tradition of bridges in great songs isn’t dead afterall, and I for one am glad.

If ‘Give me more’ is anything to go by, I am getting ready for Goodhind’s second album!

You can listen to Kerry Goodhind’s new single Give Me More HERE

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The recent release of her debut album ‘Integrity is likely to increase her profile even further, and you can find information on this along with forthcoming gig dates on her website or you can follow her on social media at and

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