Introducing upcoming London Artist London Liv Austen. Her new single ‘The Next Time’ has now been added to the A-List on Chris Country.

The Next Time is co-written with Ward Thomas writer Jessica Sharman, known for her work on their No. 1 album Cartwheels, including the Radio 2 A-Listed single Carry You Home. The track was mixed by Ash Howes, the man responsible for the US Billboard Country #1; Life Changes by Thomas Rhett.

IndustryMe had the pleasure of talking to Liv about her new single and much more.

IM: Liv first things first, how would you describe your music to someone who hadn’t heard it before?

LA: Kind of county influenced pop.

IM: Nice fusion. As my readers may or may not know you’re originally from Norway. How does London compare to being back home?

LA: London is very loud – in a good way. It’s busy, international and something is always happening. I find it quite inspiring with so much going on.

IM: Will you be going home for Christmas this year?

LA: I always go home for Christmas!

It is always great to see my family, who are so supportive of everything I do.

IM: At what point did you realise that music was what you really wanted to be doing full time?

LA: Honestly it was after I left drama school. I started doing gigs and connecting with people. I was getting some great responses and began building a following.

I didn’t have any music out at the time, so whenever I gigged it would build anticipation. I guess seeing this made me curious.

Also with music, I had a bit more control than acting.

Creating the songs and the music just came together more naturally.

IM: I see you like your music to feel very organic so, what inspires the music you write?

LA: Everything. My music is inspired by the stuff that happens in my life. It’s very much drawn from my own experiences.

I suppose that’s changing a little now that I am branching out and writing with other people.

For me music is about sharing something you having something to say. So it could be based on real life or fiction. Whatever is on my mind at the time.

IM: What is your favourite song you have released to date?

LA: ‘The Next Time’ . It’s a mix of pop and county which is so me.

It’s inspired by life and really shows where I want to go as an artist.

I was also part of production of the song too. I realised I have a knack for it, so you will definitely be hearing more of that this album.

IM: ‘The Next Time’ is co-written with Ward Thomas writer Jessica Sharman – how did that collaboration come about?

LA: We met at a music event.

This writing session was the first writing session I had with her. It was all very organic I told her about what was going on and together we put my feelings into words . It was a very therapeutic writing session.

IM: Okay so time to get into the nitty-gritty, what is ‘The Next Time’ really about?

LA: It’s about breaking up with a friend.

It’s written very openly so it could be about a romantic relationship, but that wasn’t where I was at when writing it.

The song is about working with someone who wasn’t taking me seriously. It describes the situation in which someone is pushing your priorities back.

It’s about the idea of someone using up their second chance.

This song tells them that they can’t always think there’s a next time.

Simply put ‘ The Next Time’ is about liberating yourself from a dead-end situation.

It’s completely relatable. People are going to let us down and it’s okay to speak on it.

IM: Do you ever miss acting?

I still do it. But the music is the priority.

IM: So you sing, songwrite act and now even produce! How do you balance all those very demanding skills?

LA: Sometimes I get very stressed haha. It’s always tight for time. I had to put the album on hold to do an advert. Things have to be paused in order to record my music. It’s a lovely problem to have I suppose.

I am looking forward to writing for other people again, when I have a bit more time and the album is done.

For now I’ll just focus on one thing at a time.

IM: Are there any musicians you’d like to collaborate with right now?

LA: Oh man I don’t know where to begin.

I only started writing for other people over the last 2 or 3 years so I would definitely like to work with some smaller artists.

I absolutely Love Carley Rae Jepsen she writes great pop music with really catchy melody lines. Also Little Big Town and Kelsea Ballerini.

To collaborate with them or the songwriters that work with them would be a dream.

There are a lot of Nashville writers I’d love to work with.

The young female county artists are so strong and amazing writers.

Don’t stone me for saying this but I think the women out there are as great if not better writers than the men.

Miranda Lambert being one of them and how could I forget Clara Bond and Lisa Wright.

It’s exciting to see people at the beginning of the career so strong

It’s very inspiring.

IM: Should we be expecting an album anytime soon?

LA: No release date yet but there will be a single in January.

Hopefully the Album will be out by late spring maybe around May.

IM: What are your goals for 2018?

LA: Tonnes of shows, maybe even a tour. My biggest goal is to connect with people – that’s when music really has the biggest impact! I also want to do some festivals.

IM: Where can people find your music?

LA: All major streaming sites and on my Website :

Any last shoutouts or plugs

LA: Check out the music video for ‘The Next Time’