Introducing the Afro Genius. Born and raised in Ghana, MK is an Afrobeats artist based in the UK.

Hailing from North London, MK is taking over the UK/GH afrobeats scene with his diverse and unique style. Already being compared to the likes of Castro, MK is making is swiftly making his mark. His official single ‘No1 Girl’ has already caught attention of industry Artists and received major air play from Radio stations both in the UK and across Africa.

IndustryMe caught up with MK to find out more about the man behind the music.

IM: If you weren’t pursuing a career in music what would you be doing?

MK: What will I be doing? Music is something that I don’t play around with, I think because I’m so busy focusing on my music I haven’t had the time to think what will I be doing if I wasn’t doing music.

IM:What inspires the music you write?

MK: My music is inspired by what I see, what I’ve been through, what I feel … I basically write according to mood I’m in. Also I sometimes listen to my favourite highlife songs for inspiration.

IM: What’s been the highlight of your career so ? 

MK: Hmm the journey has been quite exciting all day so I can’t really point out a specific thing , if I had to I’ll say is the day I met one of my mentors (Kofi B) apart from that everyday a different buzz of excitement.

IM: What’s the plan for 2017?

MK: I’m currently working on my EP , titled AKWAABA , yet to announce the release date , I’ve already released 2 singles for this EP which is #Amazing and #No1Girl 

You can find my Music on SoundCloud, iTunes,Spotify, and more just search for @IAMMKGH on all social medias and you shall find me .. The Name Is MK 🤘🏾