Hailing from Brooklyn singer, songwriter, and visual artist, Mothica, has established herself as a staple of the underground circuit thanks to a series of lives shows across the US Mothica recently released her sophomore EP ‘Heavy Heart which let me tell you is pretty awesome, a full review of the entire EP is on its way!

Today I’ll be reviewing one of singles from the EP which goes by the name of “Sometimes”

Debuted via MILK, “Sometimes” channels the raw emotion of entering into a new relationship:

“I wrote ‘Sometimes’ after experiencing the confusion of dating someone in this current age of constant stimulation. It’s the product of everything feeling up in the air when starting a new relationship; the uncertainty of someone else’s intentions, and emotional availability.  It’s hard to trust your gut when your heart is being mislead. Nobody likes to feel like their time is being wasted.”  – Mothica 

When I first listened to the song. I instantly had to close my eyes and really appreciate the music.

This is definitely one of those songs that sounds incredible on a surround sound system. Even in your headset you really get the feeling that the singer is the voice inside your head. This is only intensified by the harmonious backing vocals.

Given the subject matter of this song, I felt that this was an incredibly clever way to get the message of song across.

Each of the backing vocals had a different pitch and volumes, which was creating effect of multiple voices in your head.

The use of what I assume to be a low-pass parametric filter is really effective here creating the effect of making the singer sound she is being drowned out by her conflicting thoughts.

The singers voice becomes less distorted in verse two reflecting the singer coming to a decision. The backing vocals return in chorus giving listeners the impression that the singer is still second guessing themselves.

Masterful production, nice vocals and great lyrics.

Sometimes is definitely a winner. A relatable well put together song.

So by now you know that I was a fan of the song, but what did you think?

Let me know in the comments below.

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