Shaé is a 21 year old artist from Watford whose sound is a unique infusion of R&B, Soul, Neo-soul and Trapsoul.

IndustryMe caught up with Shaé to discuss her thoughts on the current state of the music industry and her journey so far.

How important do you think image is for an artist?

In the past year that I’ve become more heavily integrated into the UK music industry I’ve come to learn that image is extremely important, sometimes even more important than the actual talent sadly. This is because image is also a form of marketing in the industry. It’s what grabs people’s attention, so everyone’s forever doing the most. Personally, I don’t feel so much weight and pressure should be put on looks because it’s primarily about the music. I think the main key is that the artist presents themselves according to how they would like to be perceived.

What sets you apart from the other singers out there?

My vocal control and tone.

What is your favourite song to perform and why?

My cover of Tink – Treat Me Like Somebody. I love performing that song because it came from such a truthful place and it’s also the song that majorly sparked my buzz as a UK singer so it holds a special place in my heart.

What are your plans for the future?

Ultimately? I want to touch souls with my voice and lyrics. Really touch souls.

Currently? I’m planning on dropping my EP at some point in 2017, working on a couple singles and visuals which will be gradually released in the meantime and also planning my headline show which will also be in 2017. No dates confirmed yet but I urge you to keep your diaries free when I do release the date because it’s going to be a complete shutdown.

You can find Shaé’s music at: