The Alt-Folk duo have been playing together from their days at school; after forming the successful folk-pop band Keston Cobblers Club, with Daniel moving on to study architecture whilst drumming for The Lost Cavalry and Matthew continuing to write and perform with The Cobblers and composing for film. The two finally decided to pair up and embark on a new musical journey
IndustryMe caught up with the duo to find out more about the men behind the music.

What sets you apart from other bands?

We’ve always felt like it’s our energy on stage and the way we have fun with playing. We’ve played together here and there for years, but we decided this year to get together and just enjoy every minute of making music and playing together. We wanted an enviroment where it was intimate and the listener feels close to us both, but where we can switch up and jump around from instrument to instrument, keeping everyone fully engaged with what we’re doing. One day we hope to add a few more people to our line up for live, but at the moment we’re enjoying being a duo, trying to be a full band and to do that, we need energy…. That and our awful onstage banter attempts…

What’s the best thing about performing?

The best thing about performing is releasing our energy on stage which in itself is a great feeling. Also giving a certain amount of enjoyment to the crowds we play to feel so good as well. If the crowd gets buzz from our performance it really gets our energy up even higher considering that’s what we really capitalise on when we perform live.

How did the band start?

Well Matthew and I went to school together when we were wee lads and we have always jammed and played music together. Around 6 years ago we formed Keston Cobblers Club but I left a fw years after to study architecture. But just last year Matthew had some really stripped back song ideas and we sat and chatted over some red wine and listened to the ideas and we started jamming with a guitar and uke. From that point on we knew that playing as a duo would be a great pursuit, and the rest is short term history!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Oh good grief, who knows who knows. I suppose we would by then we would of had the honor of playing on Jools Holland and carrying on writing music, playing and touring as it’s the one thing in life tht gives us the most buzz and excitement. Each day is different when being a touring musician which is the most interesting fun thing about doing it.

What is your ideal gig venue and why?

An ideal gig venue would be somewhere like Koko in Camden or Shephards bush empire. Those sorts of venues are huge but not too huge which still gives it that really cool intimate vibe and feel. And usually the sound in those indoor venues acoustically are just fantastic.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you during a performance? 

We played a tiny little folk gig a few months back in the summer and at the start of one of our songs “Steam” I totally forgot the beginning part and missed out and entire chord. It took three attempts to get it right but finally managed it in the end. I didn’t even drink either so that was worrying! But hey it happens to us all now and then!

What dish are you most looking forward to having this Christmas? 

We’d roast goose, or duck, or turkey, cant complian really! With all the trimmings! Parsnips, potatoes, veg, the lot! With some cheese and crackers to top it off!

What’s at the top of your Christmas wish list? 

Ha for me, to get my dissertation finished! I’m in my final year of studying architecture. As for Matthew, probably a good slap up meal, and a load of recording and producing he needs to get finishing.

Where can people find your music?

Our music can be found on spotify, itunes, soundcloud which is all accessible through our website and you can order a copy of our physical album through our website too! Alternatively there are links to all our music through our twitter and facebook.

All of our links where our music can be found are: