The Takers and Leavers started with Lead Vocalist Alex Alston writing songs in his garage. He soon met up with drummer Kevin Blackburn and shortly after the two of them met Cairo O’Toole. The three are constantly writing new songs together. They have been booking shows all over Florida from Deland to Miami.

The group has performed at various events including ft. Lauderdale’s Artwalk, headlining at Words and Wine in Wynwood and being featured in multiple South Florida Universities as a part of Relay for Life.

The Takers and Leavers are known for their high energy performance, and original music.

They recently put out their debut EP Peachy which is available on their website and on Spotify, Itunes, Pandora, Soundcloud, etc

My favourite songs from the EP are ‘Dog’ and ‘Mars’

The song Dog is, wait for it…about a dog.

The song pokes at the inevitability of death reflected by repetitive whaling sound in the background, but also explores the idea enjoying the time that you have which is expressed through the songs uptempo beat and somewhat cheerful melody.

Contrastingly, ‘Mars’ begins at a much slower pace which is very different to the bands usual high energy material.
This mirrors the feelings of struggle and pushing forward through a difficult situation as discussed in the song. ‘Mars’ details the idea of having Tunnel vision and being heavily focused on a dream and the things you have to overcome to achieve your goals. It’s told through the lense of someone who is making an expedition to Mars and the trials that go along with that.
Overall the EP is incredibely creative and spreads a positive message.
We’d love to hear your thoughts on the EP in the comments below.
Check the EP out here.