The Las Vegas Weekly named Toney Rocks as one of the top 10 Acts to Watch in 2017. His sound sits between folk, blues and rock with engaging songwriting. Toney Rocks delivers a show rich in diversity featuring his soulful singing supported by acoustic guitars, ukulele and piano. Kathy Forste, Music Director of KC Cafe Radio said,

“Toney Rocks voice is cool and sweet, rocking and lyrical. His songs are thoughtful and hummable…”.

Toney Rocks has a successful growing track record as a hard ticket selling artist in theater style venues around the country. He has shared the stage with folk music legend, David Bromberg, as well as opened for acclaimed blues artists such as Corey Harris and Jarekus Singleton in addition to his own headlining concerts around the U.S.

“Not Gonna Run comes from that ‘me against the world’ mindset. It’s where you’ve reached the breaking point… now You’re tired of backing down from whatever it is you’re going after or whatever it is that’s working against you.  We live in a world where everyone seems to have an opinion on how another person should live and its complete BS. It digs into the crate of songs like Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty and Dead or Alive by Bob Jovi. Totally a personal anthem to the opposition that I hope a lot of other people need to hear so they have the confidence to stand up as well. The common thread in all struggle is when your back is against the wall, there’s only two places to go; that’s down to the ground or fight your way out. Not Gonna Run is about gladly fighting your way out.” – Toney

So you’ve heard about the songs background and you know about the artist, but what about my thoughts. I was sold as soon as I heard the husky tones of Toney’s voice. But what really grabbed my attention was the songs chord progression.
While maintaining true country style and sounding simple, The chord progression is mildly complex and changes between the intro, outro choruses and verses. This gives the song an unpredictability synonymous with the uncertainties that life throws at you. This idea of being on a journey is reinforced by the fact that the song is written in what sounds to me like a suspended key. It gives this song with feeling of movement without revealing a final destination.
This is one of those songs that you like more and more each time you hear it.
And of course I appreciated the harmonies sprinkled around the song, that was a nice touch.
You can listen to the song here and let me know your thoughts in the comments below 👇🏾