Janine “99” [Album Review]

We have all been through a situation in our love lives that changed the way we saw the world. Janine perfectly captures that moment with amazing debut Album “99”

Delicate sweetness and intense passion intertwined effortlessly in poignant and honest lyrics. It is no secret that I have long been a massive fan of Janine both as a singer and songwriter. I, like many others, have been silently anticipating the release of her debut album.

Today marks the end of what has honestly been a painstaking wait.

In the lead up to the album Janine released several singles, the most recent being Hold On, which had a slightly more pop oriented sound in comparison to her previous material. Even with this slight change in tempo, the emotional intesisity that I had fallen in love with on previous tracks like Unstable and Too Lateremained ever present.

While tracks like Don’t Love Me echoed feelings of anger and anguish, songs like Too Late and Never The Right Time offered moments of reflection, mourning and even regret.

Taking listeners on a journey as she pieces together each moment of what is presumed to be a breakup “99” , beautifully depicts each stage of letting go and saying goodbye.

The standout track for me was Get Through This Again, purely for its vehemence. The feels from this song spoke to my soul.

Every song on the album, while carrying Janine’s distinct sound, has its own story and unique emotion. This is a coherent, classic embodiment of great storytelling and vocal poise.

With polished production, raw evocative lyrics and well-defined sound this is a debut that Janine can most certainly be proud of.

She has set the bar pretty high for her sophomore release, but something tells me she won’t disappoint.

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