Jay Alan And Alexa Wilhelm Release New Single, Lovesick

Beginning with covers on his YouTube channel, Indiana-born and raised, singer and songwriter Jay Alan, is adding once more to his repertoire of songs. Starting with previous singles such as Cold in 2019 which now has over 1.3 million streams on Spotify, Jay has been adding to his own collection of music over the past couple of years, most recently working with Travis Heidelman for the 2022 release, Got Feelings. Now, Jay is back with another enjoyable pop venture in Lovesick featuring Alexa Wilhelm, that is incredibly easy to have on repeat for hours and not get sick of. 

My favourite line throughout the entire song has to be,

“What if I’m allergic? Or maybe I’m just lovesick.”

The lyrics are very relatable and the overarching metaphor of being literally and emotionally ‘lovesick’ is a clever and humorous take on a feeling I’m certain many of his listeners will know well, either through their own experience or watching others wander through the processes of love, both the positive and nerve-wracking experiences of the emotion. Alan’s lyrics encapsulate the experience of falling for someone exceptionally well and in a brilliantly visual writing style too. The anxiety of becoming aware of developing feelings for someone, accompanied by the nervous reminders of previous heartbreaks putting you off from trying again is represented superbly in the lyrics, especially the line “Not ready for another headache”. They encompass the excitement, the worry, and a whole bunch of the messy overlapping emotions we experience at this point of the experience. 

Alexa Wilhelm’s voice not only compliments Alan’s but hugely adds another layer to the song. The second verse lends itself so well to their intonation, where they execute the melody in a way that lifts the song up to a whole new level. For example, near the start of minute two, listen to how they sing “heavy” and “fever” at the end of two lines – those are the kind of musical moments that put a smile on any reviewer’s face. It was a surprising but well-thought-out decision to include two vocals within this song as it reflects the song’s message, two people experience the same thoughts and feelings and demonstrating how universal this experience is. Have a listen and see if you fall in love with Lovesick. 

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