Jono Dorr Walks Out Into The spotlight With “Quiet Footsteps”

Picture yourself in a crowded bar. Hushed soulful tones echoing through room as the brass band usher in feelings of relief. All the lights are low; well all but the one spotlight shining down on the man who has captured everybody’s attention. That man is Jono Dorr.

You may not know his name just yet, but you will be familiar with his words and soulful flare. As a songwriter, Jono Dorr’s penmanship has been responsible for many of your favourite hits writing and producing for the likes of Hayley Kiyoko, Kehlani, Gnash, and The Neighborhood. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Jono surrounded himself with music playing bass and guitar in various bands during his childhood. Attending UC Santa Cruz, he refined his recording technique with an electronic music minor while majoring in philosophy.

His latest single “Quiet Footsteps” captures the essence of the pop ballad while carrying the spirit of the blues. The track opens with a line that poignantly articulates the sentiment shared by many during these times.

“I don’t know when I’ll be okay”.

Amidst a global pandemic and the world feeling like it’s falling apart Dorr shares his pain and confusion, connecting with listeners as he tries to process a wealth of emotions he is clearly unsure how to navigate.

Everything from the intentionally off-key piano to the minor chords communicates this idea of a therapeutic purging of the sad thoughts. Listeners can find solace in Dorr’s enchanting melodies, melancholic words and the release of pent up emotions, through a track that feels like a much needed exhale after a long period of holding on your breath.

Listen to “Quiet Footsteps” By Jono Dorr here:

Photographer Credit: HANZO

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