K. Forest on His Journey So Far and His Powerful Aspirations

K. Forest is a rising star in the world of R’n’B who hails from Toronto in Canada. Having recently been named Spotify’s Radar Canada feature artist of the month, he has returned to the scene with his fifth studio album.

Pray for a Beautiful Sky‘ takes you on a journey over its 13 tracks and is sure to please fans and newcomers alike. We spoke to K. Forest about the new record, how he got to this point, and what he has planned for the future.


Thank you for coming to join me today K. Forest. I hope you’re well. But before we get into anything, can you please introduce who you are to our beautiful audience?

What’s going (on), thank you for having me Dani. I appreciate it. My name is K. Forest, a.k.a K. Forest Fuego.

Amazing! I love it. How does music influence your daily life?

Good question. It gets me up in the morning. I can say that. It inspires me to want to look into people’s lives a little bit more and get to know people. With music, it’s very interesting, especially with how I go about music. The fuel is life experiences, right? Getting to know people; their stories; where they come from; who they are; what they are. (With these), you know (what) motivates them; what makes them smile; what makes them sad. That’s how (music influences), I will say for me.

As Spotify’s feature artist of the month, how does that help you to be successful with your music output?

Well, I mean it’s something I’ve wanted for the past 6 to 7 years of my career. So now that I have it, I will be retiring; (laughs) joking. It just motivates me in a sense where I’m like, okay you’re the hard-working guy, and not just by myself but (with) my team. It’s reassuring to know that I’m on the right path and getting the right looks and the right ears as well.

One of the hardest aspects of coming out of Toronto or being from (a) city and trying to emerge out of that can be a bit harsher sometimes because you’re from there. Just being down there was like my city is giving me a salute saying, ‘yo this guy, we agree with everything that he’s doing you know’. It is definitely gratifying in every aspect I would say.


Who is someone who inspires you in the industry?

Okay first let me shout out (2)Pac. He inspires me with the level of vulnerability and aggressiveness that he has in his music. Tribute to him being a Gemini too. I would also say I like (Rick) Ross. He has an ear for beats, and I pride myself on making sure the beats reflect who I am as an artist as well as who I am as a person.

(Also), I would throw SWV in there. I like the vocals, I love the harmonies; the content matter of the sensation; the stories. If I was to put myself in the cesspool of those who inspire me and what I like, I would say those three at this point.

What’s one thing you would say you have learned or you’re learning on your music journey?

One thing I am currently learning is to be more patient in the process of music. So when I first started making music, I was, let’s say, dropping a song every month. (This was too) continue to create buzz and those things. But I’m learning also the importance you know with my team. What we would discuss (is) timing things out properly; making sure the music isn’t falling on deaf ears; making sure the music is being received not only by the masses but the right people as well.

How did your brand new project ‘Pray for a Beautiful Sky‘ come about?

So, a couple (of) years ago, I had gotten started on a project and had gotten into a really weird (place) spiritually. But, I never thought I could complete the process as, yet again, I felt I was in a weird space. I was always praying and hoping for like a better time in my personal life. (There were) things that were going on around me, which were not part of my control.

So (the idea for) ‘Pray for a Beautiful Sky‘ came around, I think 2018, and then up until that point I was just constantly going through this spiritual journey that I was going through and kept praying. I got a lot of clarity on the situations that I kind of tucked away to the side, which is why I was able to complete the project.


What are we to expect from you in 2023?

Definitely the album of course. The video hopefully will bring more lovely interviews, like we have done  today. So, you guys can continue to get to know me as a person.

I have a tour coming up. We have some dates (in) Toronto; Vancouver; Montreal; and hopefully God willing we get through to the (United) States and then head over to the U.K. at some point as well. That’s what 2023 looks like for me man, a lot of airplane rides and long drives.

What kind of legacy are you trying to leave behind?

Damn, that’s heavy. The legacy I’m trying to leave behind is that you can be a god-fearing individual and still be able to express yourself in an industry that doesn’t super respect it. And, I guess getting to that point and being super successful without having to sacrifice or dim who you are as a person

That’s what I would say if I had a legacy, just showing people that it can be done without sacrificing who you are. I know it sounds cheesy but staying true or being true to who you are.

Is there anything you want to say to your audience or plug yourself on?

I would (say) to the audience love yourself; love your family; stay prayed up; stay close to God; and God bless.

K. Forest is on Instagram and TikTok. Make sure to read another one of our interviews including our recent chat with Sam Fischer here.

Stream ‘Pray for a Beautiful Sky‘ below:

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