Kerry Goodhind returns with a brand new single entitled ‘Smoke & Mirrors’. It is a song that is manages to be captivatingly haunting yet beautiful all at once.

The enchanting piano introduction, had me hooked on this melancholic ballad right from the outset.

The recurring motif appears at the most poignant moments of the song, often catching you off guard in a similar way to the way the memories of a love lost would.

Equally the drums effectively represented the idea of a beating heart without being overpowering in the way that the typical use of an 808 Style beat would, which in was an ingenious touch.

The artful use of the electric guitar really drove the idea of the singer’s frustration home, emphasing the loss depicted in lines such as

It was Goodhind’s vocal performance however that really stole the show.

In the verses her voice was unnerving yet alluring as she told the she shares some uncomfortable truths in this story of a love left behind.

The powerful emotionally charged chorus was a great contrast to the reflective tone of the verses, highlighting the waves of different feelings that accompany moments of contemplation.

The Delicate vibrato in the bridge and the subsequent air of gentleness it created wonderfully showcased a moment of emotional vulnerability admist the courage of finding the strength to speak her truth.

Kerry has truly created something special here.

I am truly excited to see how she builds on this sound in 2019. It is clear that the singer is in her element here.

There’s a part of me that would love to see some contemporary choreography done alongside this song.

Any dancers up for a challenge?