Midnight Sparks by Reggae/Dancehall singer Kranium has landed.

The Jamaican artist has set out to end the year on a high note, pushing himself beyond his creative comfort zone to include a number of new stylistic influences for his debut album.

A clear indication of the taken by the anger to really refine his sound, the 12 track project is a symbol of Kranium’s growth as an artist.

While the highly anticipated album boasted several exciting collaborations, it was the feature with UK singer Mahalia that I was most intrigued by.

2019 seemingly amplified a growing trend of UK R&B artists incorporating Afro-Caribbean flavours on their tracks, with some even leading to fully fledged collaborations as seen in the case of Mahalia and Burna Boy on ‘Simmer’ and more recently with Jorja Smith and Burna Boy on ‘Be Honest’.

Where these collaborations have been concerned the balance has often swung more towards afrobeats sound; until now.

Kranium has ensured that dancehall will be a part of that conversation with his song ‘Proud’

Rhythms like ‘Nobody Haffi Know’ and ‘Last Night’ have proven that Kranium excels in the in the mid tempo lane, with ‘Proud’ showcasing exactly why this is his domain.

I was instantly reminded of a beach party by the warm melodies and infectious drum patterns, as Kranium expressed his fondness for the object of his affections.

Kranium is known for having a tonally rich textured voice, which made Mahalia’s naturally softer vocals the perfect contrast.

Following her performance on ‘Simmer’ earlier this year, it is perhaps not surprising how easily Mahalia rode the beat on ‘Proud’. I very much enjoyed the unpredictable rhythmic changes in both her’s and Kranium’s vocal delivery throughout the track.

The R&B vocalist provided a sexy lighthearted female perspective that felt both refreshing and organic.

Listen to the song here