KTJ + Carly Are Back With Almost True

Fake it until you make it is a phrase many resort to, to motivate themselves to reach the next level. Los Angeles pop duo KTJ & Carly have put their own Gen Z twist on the popular saying with new single ‘Almost True’.

The melodically chilling song beautifully juxtaposes darker pop sounds with a warm soulful vocal performance by the pair.

The track follows the release of their singles ‘On Your Mind’ and ‘MOONLIGHT‘ in 2019.

almost true KTJ + Carly

They duo has recently partnered with Roland and had a brilliant start to the year after being chosen to perform at NAMM Dynaudio Unheard 2020.

Both students at The Berklee College of Music KTJ and Carly have performed to packed audiences at LA’s Hotel Cafe, and are signed on to score their first feature film, “God Save The Queens.”

While ‘MOONLIGHT‘ gave a brief insight into the sister act’s vocal power, it’s evident that there is no holding back now as seen by the pairs notably emotive vocal delivery.

What is ‘Almost True’ about?

‘Almost true’ explores the unpredictability of life, detailing the ways in which many people struggle to navigate its ups and downs.

There is something particularly humanising about this song. Often we can be desensitised to the hardship of others, ‘Almost true’ prompts listeners to reflect on this by highlighting that the human experience doesn’t happen in isolation.

The track showcases an impressive level of perception with a clever contrast of metaphorical imasgery in the hook and the storytelling aspects of its verses.

The evocative pop track is both musically and lyrically sound, an exciting indication as to what we can expect from the duo this year


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Listen to the song here and let us know what you think:

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