Latir Recruits Olivia Nelson and Tokio Myers For Love-filled track, Carousel

Latir releases his first self-produced single, Carousel, featuring Olivia Nelson and Tokio Myers, is the first off his upcoming EP, Anthems For lovers. The London-based alt-R&B musician fuses his love for slow electronic music and traditional tones of R&B curating, honestly, the perfect love song. 

Latir explains the meaning of Carousel is “For those feeling helplessly in love, for those who have felt this feeling, and for those who are yet to fall… I hope this song aids your eventual, transcendental moments, as though you are on a Carousel, to nowhere and everywhere all at the same time.”

As well as his releasing his own stuff, he has written for and with the likes of Tokio Myers, Krept & Konan, Kojey Radical, and more! 

Listen to Carousel below and keep an eye out for the EP!

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