legacy achievement wards 2019

“The greatest legacy one can pass on to one’s children and grandchildren is not money or other material things accumulated in one’s life, but rather a legacy of character and faith.” – Mr Legacy

Rightly recognising that success is a continuous pilgrimage rather than a destination, Legacy Nation Entertainment came together to deliver an event centred around celebrating the early milestones of emerging talent.

They called it the Legacy Achievement Awards.

The legacy nation entertainment team
The Legacy Nation Entertainment Team

From business to fashion talented individuals from across the city gathered, not only in celebration of themselves, but the community at large which was beautiful to see.

Throughout the evening the question the continued to resurface was “What will your Legacy be?”

As each individual came up to present their allocated award the audience was left with a gentle reminder, to look beyond themselves towards the impact they were having on those around them.

The grind isn’t always sitely, but if there was anything to be learned from this award show, it’s that legacy building is about being able to see the beauty within it.

This was perhaps most profoundly articulated by Fred Santana from the 90s Baby Show who referenced the idea of not being disheartened when things do not take off in manner you anticipated, but instead continuing to work hard and using that situation as a springboard for greater things.

temi alchemy and fred santana from the 90s Baby Show
Temi Alchemy & Fred Santana

“It’s like God saying I see you but not yet, it’s not time to blow just yet” – Fred

Throughout the speeches, outside of the apparent sense of encouragement, there was one thing that struck me; the power of being understood.

While the room fell silent and little much could be heard other than the distant echos of the Legacy Nation Team ensuring that the night ran smoothly, there was this overwhelming sense of collective agreement.

We ALL understood that despite not having reached the pinnacles of careers yet, we were each working towards something great. Everyone was able to acknowledge and appreciate the hard work of the individuals surrounding them and there was a powerful sense of unity in that.

With that being said you would probably like to know who the awards went to.


The award winners on the night included:

Best Male Model: Shaquille Williams @_shaq_w

male model Shaquille Williams being presented his award by mr congo 2018/19 Jeffrey Samba
Shaquille Williams being presented his award by Jeffrey Samba

Best Music Group : @wkbreed

Music group WKBreed Collecting Their Award
WKBreed Collecting Their Award

Best Poet: @brokenpen_

spoken word poet broken pen receiving his award
Broken Pen receiving his award

Best Female Model: Paula (@sp1cy.mami )

Influencer of the Year: Maisha Sumah @maishasumah__

maisha sumah giving her acceptance speech at the legacy nation
Maisha Sumah giving her acceptance speech

Entrepreneur of the Year: Raymond Saint Charles (@raymondsaintcharles)

Andy Amadi presenting Raymond Saint Charles his award at the legacy achievement awards
Andy Amadi presenting Raymond Saint Charles his award

Best Dancer : Princess K @princesskofficial

Princess K wins best dancer award at the legacy achievement awards
Princess K collecting the award for best dancer

Best Male Artist: Kaniva (@kanivaoh)

Shadez the Misfit presenting Kaniva with his award
Shadez the Misfit presenting Kaniva with his award

Best Presenter : Turkish Delight @turkishdelightsev

turkish delight, mr Legacy and kaniva on the red carpet at the Legacy Achievement Awards
Turkish Delight [right], Mr Legacy [Middle], Kaniva [left]
Best Comedian : Icy Jones @kingjonescomedy

Icy Jones and Mr Legacy on the legacy achievement awards red carpet
Icy Jones and Mr Legacy

Best Female Artist: Rebecca Winter @rebeccawinter_x

Best Female Artist: Rebecca Winter
Rebecca Winter receives award for Best Female Artist

Best DJ : DJ Special D @djspecialduk

Best Fashion Designer: Carene Leslie Clothing @careneleslieclothing
Legacy Outstanding Contribution Award: Jenni Steele @officialjennisteele

Legacy Outstanding Contribution Award goes to jenni steele
Jenni Steele wins Legacy Outstanding Contribution Award

Legacy Paving The Way Award : Andy Amadi @director_andy

Bkchat producer and director Andy Amadi receiving his award
Andy Amadi receiving his award

Legacy Life Achievement Award:  Amani Simpson @amani.simpson

amani Simpson and wife at legacy achievement awards
Amani Simpson wins Legacy Life Achievement Award

The Legacy Achievement awards was about more than just accolades It was the celebration of the journey.

Peeling back the layers it became evident that leaving a legacy at its core is about recognising that what you do is bigger than yourself.

A wise man once said that leaving a legacy is not just about what you leave for people but it’s what you leave in people.

It is about making an investment that goes beyond material things, that goes beyond surface level achievements and speaks to the hearts of those around you.

Many a time we don’t realise is that while people may not always remember what you say, they will remember how you make them feel.

As a creative or entrepreneur every step you take is a building block laid in the pursuit of the legacy you’re building.

But the words I share with you today cannot even begin to quantify the positive energy we felt in that room.

Mr Legacy giving his speech at the Legacy Achievement Awards
Mr Legacy giving his speech

The real tear jerker had to be acceptance speech from Mr Legacy himself. There is something incredibly surreal about seeing the fruits of your labour, and for someone so undeniably enthusiastic about everything that he does it was fitting that his words mirrored this same passion.

Of course no award show would be complete without entertainment.


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From the sultry melodies of Sharlene Klarice to Princess K’s infectious energy, the level of talent in the room was truly heart warming. The stand out performance had to be the spoken word piece delivered by Broken Pen. You could literally hear a pin drop as his masterful wordplay captivated the room.

The real star however, was host Slyvia Kay whose witty asides and playful banter injected a certain vibrancy into show, that kept us entertained and engaged all evening long.Host Slyvia Kay at the legacy achievement awards

Legacy Nation Entertainment are definitely on to something here; an award show for the people, by the people.

Photographs taken by @bouqschild (Vinicci), @sheisblackmedia (Janine), @vitessep (Renael), @heyits3pled(Prince)