After seeing their products in whole foods and their recent win at the Black Beauty and Fashion Awards, I was really excited to speak to the ladies from Afrocenchix, for the #IMGoesGreen campaign.

I first came across this brand at the Black British Bloggers summer meet up, as they were one of the exhibitors.

I was sent their Seal* oil to try and have a review over on Instagram.

Here’s what happened when I spoke to the ladies about their products:

1) What inspired the products?

We started Afrocenchix while we were at university — we both suffered from traction alopecia and Rachael struggled to keep her eczema under control. We couldn’t find any natural effective products so we started doing research to formulate our own.

2) Why is it important to be eco-friendly?

We all have an influence on how the earth will look in 20 or 30 years time and we want the next generation to enjoy clean air, real wildlife and varied natural beauty. If we all take steps to live cleaner, reduce our carbon footprint and waste less, the future will be better for everyone. Eco friendly choices are also important today in ensuring we aren’t reducing other people’s wuality of life. Plastic waste is dumped in the oceans which kills animals and destroys coastal areas. Toxic waste is dumped on villages plunging people further into poverty and crops fail and water is polluted. We do what we can to make things better.

3) How are the organic ingredients you use sourced?

The ingredients are sourced in the UK. Our raw shea butter has been certified organic by the Soil Association and certified Fairtrade by the Fairtrade labelling organisation. We are working on more Fairtrade and organic ingredients!

4) Are there any new products we should be looking out for?

Yes, we have two new products that we will be releasing later this year — our highly requested conditioner and avocado styling butter. We will be launching a crowdfunding campaign at the end of March to bring these to market.

5) Are the products you sell cruelty free?

Yes, the products are cruelty free. We are currently applying for the vegan trademark as our range is made from 100% vegan friendly ingredients.

For more information on Afrocenchix head over to their website: