While I have an invested interest in going green as explained previously , I am definitely still learning. It is for that reason that I spoke to ethical lifestyle blogger Besma, to gather her thoughts on the subject.

For those in a rush, I have summarised the contents of our discussion in 5 bullet points at the end of this article.

For everyone else, here’s what happened what I spoke to Besma about going green.

1) What does being ethically conscious mean to you?

I view it as making calm, informed decisions that consider social, environmental, and personal factors.

2) Why do you think sustainability is important across the the creative industries?

The creative industries have the power to create real change – whether it be through writing, film, fashion, etc. If we can frame sustainability positively within those industries, we can make real change.

3) Is it possible to be eco friendly on a budget?

Yes! A lot of eco-friendly practices involve changing your behaviour (such as buying less, or researching more). I’m a big fan of thrift shopping and charity shops, and there are small, independent eco brands popping up across beauty and food that cater to any budget.

4) What are some of the steps you take to be ethically conscious in your day to day?

I’m mindful of my money, and my waste, but I also make sure to balance it with my own happiness (and sometimes a rushed train ride means plastic packaging is unavoidable). I also think being conscious is an introspective action, and I try to balance work, fitness and leisure to make the most of each.

5) What are some of the giveaways that an item is not eco friendly/ethical?

Normally, a brand that is taking steps to be eco-friendly or ethical will shout about it. Being transparent is a positive, and we know consumers like this… So if you have to go looking for a brand’s ethical policy, they’re probably hiding it for a reason!
My takeaway from our discussion:
  • Being Eco friendly is not as expensive as it’s made out to be
  • The Creative industry has the power to make significant changes
  • If a brand is Green they’ll shout about it
About Besma:
Besma Whayeb is an ethical lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. Her blog, Curiously Conscious, showcases the best in natural and organic beauty, ethical fashion and homewares, healthy food, wellness experiences and eco travel.