Lea Cappelli, otherwise known as L’FREAQ is a new face to watch out for in the music scene. She released her debut EP focussing around self-discovery, in late 2018 and is already boasting impressive credentials after being signed with Sony USA and having her track ‘I’ve Become a Thief’ used on the trailer for Riverdale. 


Upon congratulating L’FREAQ on getting signed by Sony, she had this to say about how she knew it was the right time for her –

Thanks, IndustryMe! The deal that I signed in October was with Sony Extreme, Sony’s licensing division. My friends Smidi Smith and TJ Stafford at Saint Rogue Records heard the EP as we were in the mixing stages and thought it would be great for film and television. They really took a chance on me, and I’m happy they did. Since then I’ve heard my songs in the ground-breaking Ezra Miller Playboy video, the Riverdale and Good Trouble trailers, and more. 


With Riverdale being one of Netflix’s biggest show with a worldwide audience, it is a huge achievement for any artist to be featured in their trailers. As a visual artist, L’FREAQ loved hearing her music go alongside the action in the trailer.

It was incredible. Hearing my music accompany visuals has always been on the top of the list for me. I’ve always been a very visual artist, so I loved seeing the dramatic show brought to life with my music. The fan comments on the official audio YouTube video have also been amazing, as well as hilarious. 


L’FREAQ’s EP has been largely influenced by her move from New York to Arizona, giving her a new breath of confidence within herself.

This EP, Weird Awakenings, is all about self-discovery. I wrote a lot of it when I had just moved to New York from Arizona. I was feeling like a stranger in a strange land. Lost, confused, and experiencing growing pains. At the same time there was a beauty in it all. I started feeling more confident, more free, like I had finally found I place I belonged. That was truly special. I feel that the EP explores many of those raw emotions.


As an up and coming artist L’FREAQ expresses herself throughout her music with such fierce individuality she stands out from the crowd. Her music, focussing on topics surrounding feminism, politics and sexuality are so raw especially in her single, ‘New Skin’.  When singing ‘who’s this new girl/ who’s this new skin’ she is recognising the difference in herself and how she has changed. 

Each EP has a different meaning and has been written from the heart through different experiences. When asked about the meaning behind the EP, she gives insight to the meaning of certain songs –

Each song has a different and emotional story. “FLESHYGREY” was angrily written one evening about my dead-end service industry job. “I’ve Become a Thief” was written after I saw Nick Cave’s documentary, One More Time with Feeling. “Moonlight” was written about my relationship with social media and its fascinating but sometimes deceptive nature.


Previous single and EP title, ‘Weird Awakenings’ was debuted by Billboard’s Pride section with a video showing the sexual fluid songwriter taking fans into her mysterious and trippy world. Billboard said, “The singer also known as Lea Cappelli, tells Billboard that she was encouraged to pursue the song after discovering lyrics haphazardly scribed on a piece of paper in her Brooklyn apartment.”. L’FREAQ is hugely outspoken and inclusive when it comes to defending others not allowing any bullies, racists or sexist people into her world. 

 Already off to a rapid start in the music industry, and showing no sign of slowing down, L’FREAQ had this to say regarding future plans –

We have a London visit planned, and we’re talking touring at the moment. I’ve been writing music for a new project, and we start recording in LA next month. Keep an eye out @lfreaq for unplugged versions of the EP songs, coming soon.