Pop Singer Maddy Newton Kicks Off The Year With The ‘Say Sorry’ Video

Nashville based pop singer Maddy Newton begins the new decade with a beautiful set of visuals for her latest single ‘Say Sorry’.

As explained in our review of the pop song, ‘Say Sorry’ centres on the idea of wanting to go back in time and rectify situations that were previously mishandled.

The pop single follows popular releases ‘White Noise‘ and ‘You Do It‘. Diving deeper in the electro pop sound, Maddy Newton is determined to prove that pop music is not devoid of emotion, with purposeful lyricism and passion-filled melodies

The highly anticipated visuals depict several unique shots, each showcasing different emotions described on the track.

My Favourite Shots

The Path

Ready to face her wrongs head on, this shot shows Maddy walking towards viewers as she is singing. The fact that the singer is constantly on the move, much like time, alludes fact that while she may now be in place to own up to her mistakes; everything has changed and she and her love interests are no longer travelling on the same road.

The Mattress

Maddy’s vulnerability is immediately highlighted by the fact that he is lying on her back, however it is the use of lighting in this scene that I particularly loved.

The mattress is posited just under the window, with a stream of bright white light shining into a dark room. To me this is representative of hope and a chance for reconciliation amidst the sadness of the break up.


Perhaps the most striking element of the ‘Say Sorry’ video, other than the vocals of course, was the use of choreography to relay the track’s story.

Clothed in the radiance of the blue and purple beams, the two dancers performed a beautiful contemporary number.

The dynamic visuals provide a wonderful accompaniment to emotive pop song.

Check out the ‘Say Sorry’ Video here and let us know what you think:

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