Mahalia Wants A “Bag Of You” in New Single

The British singer-songwriter has released her newest single – “Bag Of You”.

Following the release of her EP, Letters to Ur Ex, in May earlier this year, her newest single “Bag Of You” is a tender R&B track about finding the right person and never wanting to be without them. Produced by JD. Reid and Max Pope, Mahalia sings the track with subtle emotion as you listen to and take in the song’s infectious hook:

“I always miss me when you’re gone / I don’t wanna slip up and get lost without you, ooh-ooh/ Oh, you, ooh-ooh/ Could you, please, tell me where your love is from?/ So I can stop by the shop and pick up a bag of you, ooh-ooh”

Mahalia-Bag Of You

Alongside the track is a beautiful music video directed by Oliver Kane. The visuals include Mahalia and her love interest strolling along the beach. The simplicity of the music video allows listeners to focus on the beautiful visuals as well as take in the song’s sweet lyrics.

The music video opens us with a monologue by Mahalia talking about finding beauty in solitude and not missing someone to share moments with until the right person came along.

When talking about “Bag Of You” and openness, Mahalia stated:

“F*** the podcasts that tell you you’re being ‘needy’ or ‘too forward’. And I say this especially for us girls. We get taught from young that we need to stand back. Wait for opportunity to come knocking. Don’t text him first. Sit by the phone and wait for his call. F*** that.”


Mahalia is on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

Stream the “Bag Of You” music video down below:

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