Melting their multicultural frameworks together with relatable narratives and vibrant, neoteric grooves in their first release with Dudley Road Records, The.Wav alongside Screama share the Make More Love EP influenced by personal experiences in the dealings with the complexity that is love over time. It is only the beginning of the year and this EP already has me planning a holiday!

Kicking off the journey with the whimsical and passionate ‘What I Need’, those long, deep kisses from the keys of an upgraded organ and light train like hats introduce us to one of several versions of what I call “sound signatures” that Birmingham-based Screama has incorporated into this sanguine project. The candid, sweetened lyrics are the epitome of the actuality of an initial attraction explored.

Band The.Wav debuts brand new EP make more love

With a little mischief on the mind, hinting at trap and afrobeat dominions, Stacked Up flips us into preparation mode with a little nostalgia and bounce, be it for a work out or night out, gathering all belongings and closing that cab door for the last time, settling into the satisfaction and excitement of what’s to come. Whatever the activity, it’s gonna be good!

As we “enter the temple; multi-dimentional”, No Question about it, this is a pretty plot twist. Switching that ol’ bounce with a mini-hip roll into a consistent booty-hop, flirty vocals and perfectly placed pauses bring out that inner femme-fatale. Dripping allure and reckless abandon, the duality between a filthy kind of confidence and the innocence of freedom take over!

Band The.Wav debuts brand new EP make more love

Love can take some impulsive turns and raise questions during. Say I Won’t sounds like a good bong rip before dinner from Louis Vuitton blown glass that was delivered to your doorstep by a ninja courier. On the production side of things, the introduction of soft yet sharp strings is daring and not glaring. Orchestral strings often lead to dramatic tragedies. Here, they lead to a tempo shift in some Atarii-trap nuance outro.

Shea Butter checks us out of the honeymoon suite at sunset with a nice glow, cocktails and reflections on the involvement in unending, beatific romance, regardless of time or distance. A perfect closer; feels like the beginning of another chapter. No good vacation actually ever comes to an end.

Crafted in high spirits and compiled with respect, ‘Make More Love’ is coming with me everywhere I go. This EP is the perfect reminder to live in the present moment. Not only can it restore a chipped heart, it also pumps life back into a somewhat sullen era of music where intimacy and expression are subconsciously categorised as slow-moving. In complete concurrence with The.Wav, we need to make time for more love. Recharge, unwind and fall into every moment.


by NayPalmNeo
Enthusiast / Occasional wearer of purple hair January 24th, 2019