October is a month for both reflection and celebration. While it is a rime that is no doubt remecient of struggle, hardship and anguish it has also become a period of commomarating those who overcame and succeed in the face of that very same adversity. “Crown” does exactly that by both lyrically and visually paying homage to those who paved the way to success.

The video, by making an interesting use of shadows and vintage cinematography, combines both past and present through the historical imagery with the modern day struggle depicted in the rapper’s words.

Most powerfully perhaps is the boxer stance Makola takes particularly after the second verse portraying this idea of determination and almost a quiet confidence.

This is reinforced by lines like

Kings in our own right// could have been a pharaoh in my past life

The track was born after hearing the news of Wiley receiving an MBE, and the duo then went on to discuss the ethics of the British empire.

This anthem for the people is one that inspires introspection and despite its gritty undertones conveys a message of encouragement for what the rapper refers to as the modern day kings and queens of society.

More about the duo:
Although Makola’s roots lay in Finland and Ghana, the duo have crafted a sound, forged in London, which is an irrepressible explosion of hip-hop and afrobeat. Their debut single released in mid 2017, ‘This Is London’, was jumped on by Beats 1 DJ Julie Adenuga, hailing it as one of her “tracks of the summer”. The record went on to secure support from Radio 1’s Phil Taggart and Mistajam, and playlisted by BBC Radio 1Xtra as their BBC Introducing’s track of the week.