MEYY & Jelani Blackman Rain

Photo credit: George Brown

MEYY and Jelani Blackman star in the heavenly music video for ‘Rain’

Belgian R&B talent MEYY is joined by London-based rapper Jelani Blackman in the other-worldly music video for their collaborative track ‘Rain’.

A quadruple threat, MEYY is a singer, songwriter, producer, and dancer. Her second EP ‘Neon Angel’ was released at the end of 2021 with ‘Rain’ as the first track featured.

The official video for ‘Rain’, directed by MEYY herself, matches the sultry tones of the song – we see MEYY and Jelani both dressed in all white while bathed in an angelic light in front of a minimalistic yet enticing backdrop. The night vision sequences dispersed throughout the video contrast the soft glow of her bed scenes with Jelani whilst still offering a more intimate view into the dreamy universe that MEYY’s music and visuals sit in.

The transportive element of MEYY’s aesthetic is enhanced throughout the video with the 3D art of her long-term collaborator Romain Albiers – The female form is presented with a glass-like quality that combines both the futuristic and the angelic to magnify the sensual atmosphere of the video.

Sound and visuals seem to blend together seamlessly and it’s no wonder when MEYY herself explains, ‘When I make music I envision visuals simultaneously. Directing it from scratch was completely new and challenging for me, but I learned so much through the amazing creative team involved’. The music video for ‘Rain’ is MEYY’S first big release of 2022 as she continues to invite us into the dreamy universe she has created.

MEYY has recently completed two shows at SXSW and is expected to perform at Dour Festival in her native Belgium in July of this year.

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