Mistine is Striking and Full of Vibrant Nostalgia on Debut EP ‘Fade’

The spotlight is officially on Mistine and everyone should be paying attention! The infinite talent of this emerging bassist, vocalist, guitarist, and artist is gracing the indie-pop scene with her latest project, (released today) titled ‘Fade‘.

Jersey-bred, Christine Meisenhelter, began writing and performing music under the moniker Mistine when she realised she wanted to pursue music from a young age. Fast forwarding to the present day, Christine has studied and worked tirelessly to fulfil her aspirations as a musician.

When listening to the EP, you sense that her whole musical journey has led to the release of ‘Fade‘ today. The EP perfectly demonstrates the eclectic and diverse nature of Mistine’s dreamy sound and her musical influences. It’s a well-crafted combination of modern indie-rock grit and nostalgic 2000s pop.

This exciting new project comes as Mistine embarks on her solo career, following her time touring with Conan Gray. The EP is a bold reflection of who she is as an independent artist in her own right. Within this she is establishing an image, both musically and visually that is bright and colourful. This gives us an insight into her free-spirited, radiant personality as a solo artist. Additionally, the striking EP artwork brings this project to life, creating a vibrant visual experience that mimics the listening experience.

‘My songs are made to listen to while you’re driving in your car, right before sunset when the sky is just turning orange, with the windows down, and your hair is flowing in the breeze.’

This 5 track electric pop experience, features a rich range of styles and influences waiting to be listened to from the unrestricted boundaries of your car.


Everett Park

Mistine kicked off her 2022 with the release of ‘Everett Park‘ on the 24th of March as the introductory single on the EP. The track nicely sets the tone of the project with its upbeat, fast tempo sound. This energy is a reflection of the hopeful, empowering concept behind the song lyrically.

The track vocalises how memories are so easily tied to physical places from past experiences, both the good and the bad. ‘Everett Park‘ is about reclaiming those spots as your own again and making new memories there. This process comes as you let go of the past and allow yourself to find peace again in places that became tainted.

Mistine’s story is contextualised by the visualiser, as it tells the story behind the memories attached to Everett Park. It’s nostalgic in the way it revisits the past. Although, it shows Mistine as being optimistic about the future and free from the limitations of her memories.

Just Fade

We hear Mistine’s classic rock influences within this track, in its electric instrumentals and bold vocals. It is a standout track on the EP because of its punchy baseline and unique style.

Lyrically, ‘Just Fade‘ depicts the feeling of being weightless and free, giving the track an ethereal edge that promotes just letting go. The concept of ‘Fading’ is a motif that weaves its way across the whole EP. This gives it a nice full circle feeling and makes it a cohesive, fluid project.

Temporary Feeling

The secondary single from ‘Fade‘ came to us on the 19th of May, with the track ‘Temporary Feeling.’ Sounding like something straight out of a 2000s chick-flick, ‘Temporary Feeling‘ is a nod to the nostalgic sound of noughties pop. Taking influence from the likes of pop-punk icon, Avril Lavigne, the track has an edgy yet playful sound to it, with the variety of styles it explores.

The tempo of the track gives it a steady rhythmic momentum, making you feel like you’re driving. Similar to the other tracks on the EP, this creates the effect of feeling carefree and limitless.


On a recent Instagram story, Mistine claimed ‘DONTCOMEBACK‘ ‘was the first song written and the most fun to create and explore.’ This is unsurprising as the track is highly spirited and energetic, both musically and in its sentiment. Its fiery nature emulates an angsty pop feel, similar to ‘Temporary Feeling’ but with a more modern flair.


The heavy use of production on this song, makes it stand out from the others on the EP. Taking the form of a dance track, it features a strong baseline and animated instrumentals, giving you a solid beat to groove to.

To see Mistine live following the release of ‘Fade‘, she has an upcoming release show in NYC on July 2nd.

Mistine’s ‘Fade‘ is out now on all streaming sites, and she is on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok.

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