Singer Mothica returns with her brand new single ‘Water Me Down’.

Picking up right where her 2017 EP ‘Heavy Heart‘ left off, ‘Water Me Down’ hears the singer delve into familiar territory on a pop / electronic cross over single. Mothica showcases an impressive set of vocal chops that fluctuates from nuanced singing techniques to room commanding crescendos on the song’s chorus. Adding another ballad to her discography, for Mothica, ‘Water Me Down’ serves as a retrospective on past relationships.

What I particularly appreciate is that the song for the most part is quite vocally vulnerable. Other than the clear use of reverb which has inadvertently become Mothica’s trademark, her vocals more or less sound like a pre mastered edit. Usually that would bother me but not only does Mothica pull this off wonderfully, but the subsequent atmosphere of raw intensity is very fitting to the songs theme.

Mothica has always been one to push the creative boundaries, it’s a trait about this artist that I have come to admire and why I will continue to be a fan of her work.

The song discusses the idea of accepting someone for who the are – the good, the bad, and the ugly if you like. This seemingly unsmastrred vocal, which is more prominent on the verse 1 before the blend of harmonies join in the hook, appears to represent the authentic unfiltered version of herself the singer alludes to on the song.

Describing the song in her own words Mothica said:

Water Me Down is written about refusing to dilute your personality to please someone else, even if it’s perceived as ‘too intense.’ I’ve been in relationships that felt like the other person wanted me to be more polite, quiet or moldable. When I was whiskey, they were water. But I’ve always gone into things with one hundred percent of myself or absolute zero. There’s no in-between.

The Single marks the first release off of her new EP, set for debut in May.

While we await for the delivery of the ‘Ashes’ EP next month, my US readers will be happy to know you can catch Mothica live on tour with Ehiorobo April 21-May 8:


  • APR 21- Diamond Pub Concert Hall- Louisville, KY
  • APR 23- The Basement- Nashville, TN
  • APR 27- Norman Music Festival- Norman, OK
  • APR 29- The Riot Room- Kansas City, MO
  • APR 30- Fubar- Saint Louis, MO
  • MAY 2- Bourbon on Division- Chicago, IL
  • MAY 3- Pike Room- Pontiac, MI
  • MAY 5- The Symposium- Lakewood, OH
  • MAY 6- Shrunken Head- Columbus, OH
  • MAY 7- The Smiling Moose- Pittsburgh, PA
  • MAY 8- Bourbon and Branch- Philadelphia, PA
  • JUN 15- Randolph Street Corridor- Chicago, IL

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