We Talk Community engagement, building a following and more with US Music Blogger Gabeal Davis.

When did you first realize that you had an interest in music that went beyond casual listening?

Back when I was in 11th grade I found myself listening to music far more frequently than I was when I was younger. My classmates and kids around the neighborhood were into making music and talking about music and this inspired me to listen closer than I had previously.

Growing up my immediate family weren’t into music so my friends are what pushed me into it a little more. 

Once you realized you had a passion for music, what was your next step?

As my passion for writing grew in the early 2000s I began to share the music I was listening to in my online journal.

At the time a site named Xanga was one of the main places people blogged and wrote online.

This was before blogging was really a thing and it was more of a personal hobby than a business.

As platforms like blogger and WordPress began to appear I started to focus more on the discussion of music. In 2007 I created my blog TheBrokenRobotz.

 At the time the blog started music wasn’t as easily shared as it is today. The main way to find and discover music was still the radio, television, or mixtapes.

At the time I enjoyed sharing the music that I found with others on my site. I usually included a download link for readers to check out the track. 

Do you remember what the first ever review you wrote was about?

I don’t really remember the first review I ever wrote, but I can tell you arguably the best one I’ve ever written. My review of Drake’s ‘Take Care’ album was probably my best that I’ve ever done.

I have it somewhere, but I can’t seem to find it on my hard-drives.

I remember it very well. During that time of my career, I was moving away from sharing music to doing more deep dives of projects and songs I enjoyed. The review of that album was probably the first deep dive that I put a lot of effort into. 

How have you built your following since then?

When I started blogging I was able to gain a huge following during my the early days of my career. It was mostly due to the fact that I was a source of finding new music. As time went on and the ways of finding music changed I had to change my approach to everything.

Becoming more social and networking with other people helped me maintain a good following and even grow a bigger following over the world. The introduction of social media platforms like Twitter became an essential tool that helped a lot. Especially since I started before a lot of these platforms were functional. 

What type of music do you currently cover?

At this time I cover mostly Hip-Hop and R&B. These are the genres that I’m into enough to talk about and share my thoughts on. 

How do you stay in touch with the blogger community?

The main way I keep up with the blogger community is through twitter. Since I’m mostly in the music niche and the community seems to be smaller on there, I am trying to help build a bigger presence on there. 

What are you currently working on?

Right now I’m working on some editorials. I’m also working on a magazine that will be hopefully released this year. Some of my other plans are still in the works, but this year I’m planning on doing some big things. 

Where can we find your work?

You can find my work at thebrokenrobotz.com. I also give some additional information and content on my Twitter (@botzblog).

More About Gabeal:

My name is Gabeal Davis and I’m from Atlanta, Georgia. I attended Clayton State University and studied Information Technology. I enjoy gaming and writing in my spare time. I have been writing for over fifteen years and aspire to have my own printed publication and media company.