In an era where artist Development seems to be a long forgotten tradition and less artists knowing how to effectively market themselves Deuce Music is determined to change the game with its new scheme.

What is Artist Development?

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about, here is a brief synopsis of what artist development actually involves.

Modern day artist development is all about ensuring that the artist is question is as commercially equipped for the industry as they are musically talented. It involves things like doing performances, growing your fanbase and cultivating your image online.

Artist development provides the artist in question with the initial tools and frameworks they require find and subsequently solidify their platform.

How will a promotional campaign help you as an artist?

A promotional campaign will form the basis of building or extending a fan base, depending on what stage an artists is at in their career.

In this Internet age, the majority of labels are looking for pre-packaged musicians who already well aware of their commercial value. Knowing the business basics and being able to navigate marketing and promotion is essential for survival within the industry.

How does the Deuce Scheme work?

DEUCE has recently set up a new scheme to enable more bands and artists worldwide to hear about the services DEUCE offer, which then results in money donated to the grassroots music scene.

The DEUCE PACKAGE is a one time payment of £59.95 (at the time of publish) for a promotion campaign and includes:

• Guaranteed exposure on the Deuce Radio Show, currently being broadcast on over 60 radio stations worldwide; 15 of which are FM with more stations frequently being found.

• Having your material sent out to 100+ radio stations/presenters worldwide ranging from Internet to FM.  The majority of these have a genuine interest in new/independent music which helps increase your chances of being played

• Being entitled to various other opportunities DEUCE frequently find to help promote you further.  Examples can be found on the Latest News page of the DEUCE website at

Benefits of the Deuce Scheme include:

• Deuce Acts being able to make their money back on their promotion if bands/artists sign up with DEUCE through their recommendation

• Studios, venues, radio stations and presenters receiving donations through DEUCE for acts they recommend, helping contribute towards their overheads

To be a part of the Deuce Scheme, simply email with a link to your music, stating that you were recommended by us (IndustryMe)

Alternatively, you can contact us via the contact form below and we will pass on your information.