Miranda Joan’s “My Muse” [Review]

Miranda Joan is not a stranger to the spotlight. The Canadian neo-soul singer and songwriter has performed on national tours, played sold-out shows, has headlined around New York City and in 2019, performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival with the Orchestre National de Jazz. She has also worked and graced the stage with some big names such as Lorde and Shawn Mendes. Whilst her list of accomplishments stands for itself to dedicate this talented woman as the busy, dynamic artist that she is: her music can also be seen to reflect a unique style that shouldn’t be underestimated. 

Joan’s latest release “My Muse” echoes her fusion of soul and pop in a beautifully seamless medley of the genres. The song is said to be a dedication to her love of music which for anyone who enjoys or finds passion in the subject can relate and resonate with.

miranda joan my muse

She states,

“This is my sexy love song to my muse, my passion, my partner: music.”

My Muse” is a fresh take on the classic love song, focusing on the topic in an upbeat yet relaxed way.

This dedication is a lovely concept and such a positive moment for discussion within the music community – it is the reason why we are all here and yet it does not get the credit it deserves. To hear a songwriter, reflect on the passion that drives her profession is wholesome and needed. 

A part of her Windborne album, to be released on December 7th 2021, “My Muse” is warming and light with chromatic soundscapes. The beginning is surprising, but the melodies work unexpectedly but exceptionally well over the synthesised background. A very well-crafted track with a lovely message resonating through. If this is just a taste, I can’t wait to hear the rest of the album. 

Listen to My Muse by Miranda Joan here:

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