Oleta Frances Releases ‘Struggle Bus’

Oleta Frances is a Berkshire vocalist who is beginning 2022 the right way. Her new release Struggle Bus is out now, and it is a welcome listen that will blow away those January blues. Beginning her career recording covers on Instagram, Oleta soon began creating original songs, one of which is ‘Struggle Bus ‘ and has already been showcased on BBC Introducing Berkshire twice in 2021.  

The single’s title is an overarching metaphor that continues within the lyrics; a ‘Struggle Bus’ means “staying in a situation that is not good for your mental or physical health, on this Bus you are normally faced with two options: do I get off or stay on and continue to Struggle.” Oleta approaches this topic well by embracing a soulful tonality interspersed with a heartbeat of drums and beautifully crafted layered vocals. The single is initially shaped to reflect the hindsight after a romantic relationship ends but could be applied to many different types of relationships we encounter during our lives. A key theme is finding self-love which she reminds us in the lyrics, “I know my worth and I will always put it first”: a very important message. 

With a beautiful voice, Oleta Frances has crafted a strong release that gives off a sense of calm intimacy. An easy listen with lyrics that offer significant insight into the feelings of the narrator without being too overbearing. The single could potentially have had a more significant variation within the bridge of melody and backing instrumentation to set it aside from the rest of the song, however, this may have broken up the easy feel to the single. Whether it’s a situation you can relate to or not, the overarching musicality of the song provides a supporting presence with moments of lightness running throughout the song as well. Give it a listen and take a metaphorical ride on the Struggle Bus with Oleta Frances.

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