IndustryMe is a blog centered around celebrating upcoming talent & entrepreneurship across the creative industries. Whether it’s an upcoming musician, a new business, or a budding artist, I like to be first on the scene ready to document that individuals journey. Today is all about art.

I am always looking for new and exciting things to do in the city.

So naturally, as a London based blogger with an interest in the arts events like the Parallax Art Fair are a godsend.

With 16,000 visitors, 200 independent exhibitors (from around the world) and often 7000 products on display, Parallax ‘Art’ Fair is the most popular fair of its kind in London today.

It differs from the typical exhibition experience by providing direct art-to-consumer access, giving visitors the opportunity to engage with the artists themselves.

I had the pleasure of attending the fair on Saturday and spoke to budding artists from across the world.

Despite being a little difficult to find at first, and that could just be my terrible navigation skills, the event was held in an ideal location. Placed in the centre of Kensington town hall there was a cosy yet chic element to the setup. There were refreshments and a jazz band on deck to ensure the perfect ambiance.

While each artist brought something unique to the table, there were 3 in particular that really caught my eye.

So without further ado, here are my top 3 picks from the parallax art fair.

Matt Herriot

I was immediately drawn to this artist for his attention to detail.

The first thing I thought when I saw his painting was, This looks like camera quality.

Matt Herriot and his painting at the Parallax art fair in London

The painting took roughly 2 months to complete, combining oil paint and charcoal.

Matt wanted his work to “show the process” and likes the fact that each stroke isn’t perfect.

Jessica Carder

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If purple hair wasn’t enough to grab your attention her unique artistic style will.

Jessica traveled all the way from the States for the fair and boy was I glad she made the trip.

Not only was her art exquisite, but she spoke with a passion that was unparalleled, becoming one of my most memorable artists of the day.

Her style is known as composition photography combining an artistic flair with a great eye and wonderful camera skills.

For my game of thrones lovers you will be happy to know that dragons make an appearance in her work.

I am patiently waiting for the day this incredible talent has her own booth at comicon!

Begoña Castedo

This was the first artist to grab my attention. I would genuinely hang one of these pieces in my house if I had an open wall.

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Castedo uses a combination of oil paint, acrylic, spray paint and gold paper to bring her pieces to life.

The Spanish painter is a lover of the arts splitting her time between her craft dance and Pilates class.

The Parallax art fair had a great vibe and some beautiful pieces on display at very adorable prices.

There were so many different styles and a range of items being showcased including, jewellery paintings and sculptures.

I am gearing up for part 2 in July- see you there!

All pictures taken by Shamelle Daley