PREMIERE: LoveLoveLove Release New Single, Smalltowns!

Cheeky lovable indie group LoveLoveLove brings us funky fresh vibes in their latest single ‘Smalltowns’. The song is set to feature on their upcoming EP scheduled to be released this year.

Originating from Australia the duo is made of Denis Jense and Jared Hundermark. The pair have been creating and developing their sound over the past year to make their music incredible. Since forming they have released a single ahead of their debut EP.

‘Smalltowns’ is groovy, cheery, and oozes with cheesy feel-good vibes, the vocals on the track are sweet yet silky giving off charming harmonies. Hints of fun and brashness shine through as this tune is sure to make you smile while putting a spring in your step during the dull weather. Being in a big city can be scary sometimes and this is what I get from the upbeat track that will get me bopping along.

The lyrics are playful and add flavour to the song as well as the lyrics are extremely catchy to get you singing along, the vocals instantly make you feel warm inside as well as them being velvety and rich making you want to hear more. The instruments they use to make the tune slow and calming but then it speeds up to make it loud, wild, and lively to give off that happy-go-lucky element that makes the song so good.  A mixture of passion and positive energy is infused in the song to get us in the mood to party and have a laugh and just let loose.

The words emphasise love and heartbreak which allows the duo to be vulnerable with their feelings in order to help others who are experiencing this too. It also explores the claustrophobic nature of falling in and out of love in an environment where everyone seems to know everyone and everything about your business. The word smalltown reminds me of a village I used to live in where the people are nosey and love to have something to gossip about, I’m not a private person I don’t mind disclosing certain things but I don’t want everyone knowing every small detail of my life.

Living in a place like this makes it hard to be in a relationship and makes you think twice about who you tell and where you go, nowadays we like to share photos with others online but it’s a bit hard to do that with nosey neighbours in your street telling the whole town you’re dating someone especially if you haven’t told your family they could find out from someone else before you even get a chance to tell them yourself.

The mellow yet vibrant track explains these issues well through their soft heartfelt noisy sound and how it’s not so bad in the end because as long as you’re happy and no one is spreading rumours or bad-mouthing you then it doesn’t matter who knows, spreading the love or the ending of it helps people mentally and physically through the next phase of their life and it’s always good to have someone who has your back and is there for you even if it is the old lady next door because they have valuable life experience in certain situations that can help you look at things differently.

Here at IndustryMe we look forward to hearing more amazing songs from the duo in the near future. ‘Smalltowns’ is available to premiere exclusively on our site and everywhere Feb. 25th!

Listen to ‘Smalltowns’ exclusively here:

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