Proving that Pretty is as Gritty does, the soulful Americana duo known as Pretty Gritty now follow up their 2016 Lonely Road EP with the launch of their album Seven Year Itch.

Recorded in Nashville and produced by the powerhouse production team of Fred Cannon and Paul Buono for the Creative and Dreams Music Network label, Pretty Gritty have been gaining quite a name for themselves through their heavy touring schedule across the US.

Described as being like a male-female Everly Brothers, vocalised and playing what’s come to be known as Americana.

Today I will be reviewing their new single Love Don’t Live Here Anymore :

First off great name! The song began with a pretty acoustic intro. The male vocalist had a gritty rich soulful voice, remincent of Garrett Hedlund. A song like this could easily have made the country strong soundtrack.

It was pure and simple, beautifully accented by the occasional harmony.

The song follows the 4 chord melody structure commonly found in contemporary country music.

I really enjoyed the instrumental break as this where I feel the real emotion and sense of sadness conveyed by songs lyrics is heard by the listener.

The accompanying video is equally brilliant, beautifully embodying the sentiment of the song. I particularly love the way the duo weaves their way in and out of the narrative so the audience is never quite sure whether or not they are part of the story. It was honestly quite captivating.

You can find further information on Pretty Gritty on their website or you can follow them on social media at and