Soul warning harmonies and endearing melodies. Matt Koelsch and Georgia discuss the beauty of building bonds on their new song ‘All My Friends’

The pair, who met on the LA circuit back in 2016, instantly connected. Through their collaborations, performances and travels, a single was born. Yes you’ve guessed it – ‘All My Friends’.

So What Is The Story behind The Song?

When asked the pair revealed :

“When writing this song we connected through our own struggles of being apart from the people we grew up with and saw on a regular basis.  The distance has made us realize how special it is when we do get to spend time with family and friends, and it makes every reunion that much sweeter. 

True friendships do not suffer from time spent apart.  With my best friends, we pick up right where we left off, as if no time has passed.” 

The song very much reminds me of being back in music class or a choir rehearsal, gathered round a grand piano with that teacher that’s just a tad bit overenthusiastic.

I fell in love with this song, not only because of its positive message or beautiful simplicity of its melodic arrangements, but because it is a much needed reminder of what music is in purest form is really about.

Bringing people together.

The song is truly a breath of fresh air dazzled across light guitar and layered harmonies