#IMMusicMonday: R&B Duo Poison And The Cure Make Their Return With ‘Walk Away’

London based R&B duo James and Rakaya, more commonly known as Poison And The Cure, kick off the year with a new single entitled ‘Walk Away’.

The single follows the release of ‘What Do You Say’ and the melodic R&B track ‘Talk To Me’, which was accompanied by a vibrant music video with all of the throwback feels.

Following suit, ‘Walk Away’ is a colourful harmony filled track, with a memorable hook that captures the fun elements of pop, funk and R&B; melding them together to create Poison and the Cure’s signature sound.

‘Walk Away’ begins with a single guitar melody which instantly took me back to the SB.TV A64 days. Hooked by the nostalgia the song instantly connected with me.

These feelings were only intensified by the clap sounds that followed. The song’s intro mimicked the the atmospheric details of a live show, creating a feeling of intimacy and inclusion.

The accent of brass instruments really drove the funk feeling home, something particularly prominent on the outro.

‘Walk Away’ is the first single from the pairs forthcoming EP ‘Boarding Pass’ which will be out in April.

Speaking on the song the duo shared:

‘Walk Away’ is the track where your ego and vulnerability meet.

Sung from both sides of the same coin, it details the fragility of wanting your partner to know that you aren’t begging them to stay but also knowing that you aren’t going anywhere and thus, wanting them to stay on their toes!

Poison And The Cure continue to breathe life into the idea of a modern day R&B duet, proving that it has it’s place in the genre, whilst placing them in a lane of their own.

Listen to ‘Walk Away’ here:

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