Sibling vocal duo Devotion (DVTN) alongside their 5 piece band, shook up Shoreditch’s Lighthouse bar for their headline show. Supported by Sarah Jewel, La Swave & Vonne, none of which shied away from showcasing their raw unfiltered talent. From what I saw on the night it is safe to say UK music is not dead after all.

Sarah Jewel had the most difficult task of opening the night up. If she was nervous I couldnt tell because as soon she opened her mouth and released that first note, her angelic voice grabbed the attention of the room. All of her harmonies were as tight as a knot. Everything about her sound gave me heavy 90s RnB nostalgia vibes.

Vonne picked up the pace with her upbeat vocals that gave the audience no choice but to buss a little shuffle. Think early 2000s Neo-soul with a 2018 twist, her sound is crisp which let me know that she is fully aware of what she can do musically.

Super rapper-producer La Swave is what I describe as big d energy personified. The moment he got hold of the mic, he wasted no time getting the crowd hyped. Every lyric rolled off his tongue with minimal effort and got lost in the vibes of the crowd.

When DVTN finally graced the stage it was clear they came to give it all they got. Every song performed came with a backstory as the duo explained they use their personal experiences as the formula to create their distinct sound. Each song had a different meaning or emotion attached to it and as they sang you feel every lyric. It would be impossible to see one without the other as together the two are a singing powerhouse. I predict big things to come from these two, you can listen to their music on all major streaming platforms.

Brother and sister vocals duo DVTN performing at their headline show

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