Quirky with great voices. That is the best way to describe today’s group.

I instantly fell in love with this song when I heard this song. It took me straight back to my childhood with that old school pop feeling from the early 2000s. These lovely ladies gave us their own unique interpretation of that ‘awkward situation’ when you date someone that is just not right for you.

Come on ladies (and gents) we’ve all been there. When you date someone and come out the other side saying to yourself what on earth was I thinking? ‘Biggest Mistake’ puts that feeling into words providing the optimum blend of fun and good vocals.

The vibe I got from this song was the quirkiness of the Fabulous Girls, mixed with sassiness of the Saturdays.

Something I particularly liked about this song was the fact that each of the group members got a chance to shine. This is something that many groups fail to strike the balance with. While there is a clear lead singer in the group, the vocal ability of all three members is evident.

Despite this being a classic uptempo ‘I’m over it’ number, the girls gave us a nod to what their vocals could really do in the Bridge of the song. I was seriously not expecting that

The girl band D'LuXEWas it cheesy? Maybe a little but no one could deny the fact that this song will definitely get your feet tapping and it’s a song I will certainly have on repeat.

Guilty pleasure anyone?

With their debut EP ‘unified’ on the way, I think I may have just found mine

It’s clear to see that these girls have a bright future ahead of them and I look forward to watching it unfold.

If you want to see me interview with the girls, comment your questions below. If we get to 10 questions I’ll see if I can make it happen.

In the meantime check out the song here

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