Work life. Dead end job. Becoming an entrepreneur. And starting a new chapter

I am Tamar, IndustryMe’s lifestyle and dance blogger. I am back from a long break from social media. This is my first official blog with IndustryMe. Now that I am back online, I am ready to share with you an insight into my artistic lifestyle and my reasons for an online detox.

Where has it led me today?


Over the past 6 months my work life circumstances have changed (well to tell you the truth over the past two years it has

Dance blogger Tamar looking out of the window
Self reflection

been a roller coaster) for the better and worse. As a result of my trials and tribulations within my working life, I began to question myself.

Do I want to be here? What is my purpose?

The sad part is, that I know I have worked so hard and sustained my focused driven mentality ever since graduating. Still I kept beating myself up about reaching my end goal.

Who says we have to reach our end goal. Is there an end goal?

However, the turning point for me was coming to the realisation of not being credited for the contributions I shared at work. On the bright side this later encouraged me to invest in myself.


So here I am…

Business planning. I have finally overcome procrastination. All of my creative ideas jumping around in mind, I have

Dance blogger Tamar walking and taking steps forward
Walk your purpose

now successfully managed to grab hold of (2 years later) and put into practice. F.Y.I. My business idea is me setting up a new dance company (which some of you may already know of). It is called Unique Movez Dance Collective. My inspiration came from years of industry experience, travelling, and networking. I am excited to see my new venture blossom. Trust me procrastination is a

Dance blogger Tamar smiling on her travels
New business owner: Girl boss

Hell of problem. Ergh!!!

When you put your heart into something you truly want to do you CAN and WILL succeed

Anyways every single day since June, I have woke up and gone to sleep with a pen to paper in my hand. NO LIE. I have been jotting down my creative ideas so there was no room for social media or insta pics; (hence why I have been offline). Too much consumption can distort your outlook on reality. So unless you clock onto these patterns of losing yourself and lacking real social interactions then you’ll only be left behind in a sunken place…


So now I can sit back, relax and reflect back on my rocky journey that has led me to where I am today. Despite feeling anxious at work with feelings of doubtfulness. I spoke up and announced my feelings and demanded change… But no sweet talk here. I know I still have many rocky roads to come, now that I have entered this new self-employed / entrepreneurial lifestyle.

  • My new blogging niche:

If you are in the same boat as me and can relate to my rocky journey lets connect. I’ll now share content about the entrepreneurial lifestyle, motivation and of course dance!

Hopefully my first blog back has encouraged and motivated YOU to take a leap within your work life…

Dance blogger Tamar sitting in the park
Sit back and unwind

Do you and only you!


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