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Ria Barkr Makes You Work For It In New Single

Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee with a bachelor’s degree in Music Business, Ria Barkr is an R&B/ Pop Artist and Songwriter who is ready to hit the ground running with her new single Work For It. With an intriguing background within the entertainment industry, her education and experience are a superb starting point to put her on the right track, heading to success. Look back at some of Ria’s previous releases on her YouTube channel or follow her Spotify to catch up with her music career so far with single Playground reaching over 80,000 listens. 

Ria is perfecting the sultry, slow, laid-back sunny afternoon vibe and we should all be here for it. Whilst her previous track 90s Baby is a lot more on par with an early afternoon drive with the sun streaming through the windows; Work For It echoes the seductive nature of her past release Honey as Ria’s voice eases you through the melody. 

Described as pulling ‘at the puppet strings of a chaser in love’, the lyrics mimic this playful, seductive theme.

 “Hide and seek for a moment, But you’re in sight when I call.”

There’s a power play within the words, yet the listener has no illusions that anyone, but Ria is the one in control of this situation. Aiming to build a song collection that challenges society’s view of women, Work For It taps into an underrepresented female perspective, shining a light on how we associate stereotypical themes and roles to gender within relationships. 

Keeping it simple can be the most effective decision and Ria has accomplished that here. Work For It is by no means without embellishments but Ria has chosen a steady ‘futuristic beat’ with ‘sweeping synths’ as a consistent background for the verses and chorus to play off, giving that R&B style throughout. It is a very smooth track, relaxing and perfect to ease into the late evening to…

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