Ria Barkr

Ria Barkr Serves A Musical Ace With The Powerful ‘tennis’

Quickly following up previous single ‘work for it,’ Ria Barkr is back with the atmospheric ‘tennis.’ Once again, she sounds great with her distinctive and soulful delivery of a tale of a tumultuous relationship that she is struggling to break out of, going back and forth to this person like a game of tennis.

You can find our thoughts on ‘work for it‘ here.

The dramatic production adds to the feel of the weight of this story and Ria Barkr once again shows her talent for gripping the listener. With support from Tidal and Amazon Music, this track is going to get people’s attention, allowing Ria and producer Jared Harding to continue to make waves in the field of R’n’B.

Ria Barkr is on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok!

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