Shot Live From Addis Ababa, RIMON Releases Sunset Visuals To Latest Single, iClout

A live rendition of ‘iclout’ has been brought to us by R&B artist RIMON, following the tracks original release in September 2021, as part of her conceptual EP Digital Tears.

The session took place during a visit to RIMON’s fatherland and is paired with some captivating visuals shot in front of the picturesque landscape of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The artistry of the video nicely highlights the true beauty in simplicity and the importance in sustaining connections.

RIMON’s 3rd Ep release, Digital tears, is an enlightened record with the purpose of illustrating the detached nature of our modern world. It calls attention to our harmful reliance and tie to technology and the impact it’s creating on our relationships with ourselves, people and the environment.

iclout, a standout track off the EP speaks on the way this contemporary lifestyle and modern-day addiction is warping our perception on reality as we are forever chasing this idea of perfection we see online which can never truly exist in reality.

Gotta break from all these visions of the perfect life, all the perfect lies that I download to my system

Vocally, the R&B influences we hear in RIMON, paired with the Frank Ocean-like sound and lyricism of Earthgang is effortless. They compliment each other beautifully and the soulful, retro feel the track exudes nicely counteracts the subject of the song.

Dropped on April 15th, the live session was shot on a rooftop in front of an Ethiopian sunset view. It features nothing but RIMON herself, Junior ‘Junya’ Appiah on drums and Benjamin ‘Bnnyhunna’ Ankomah on keys. It is so effective because of it’s simplicity and the unassuming quality it gives off.

The radiant sunlight which progressively fades as the session advances displays the vast beauty in the physical world surrounding us. It calls us to appreciate this beauty, as its often neglected because of the time we invest in the digital world. RIMON’s lyrics mirror this sentiment perfectly in iclout.

RIMON is a creative who’s seen much of the natural world. She was born in Ethiopia, raised in Amsterdam and is currently based in London. This exposure to multiple cultures in life is likely to have influenced her perception on our digital world.

This summer RIMON is set to release more visuals to accompany tracks off Digital Tears. So stay tuned to see more striking videos taken during her travels around Ethiopia.

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