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Always Almost, A Beautiful New Track By Rosie Darling [REVIEW]

Rosie Darling, an indie-pop songwriter based in L. A who “turns pain into beauty” has released their latest track Always Almost, the first release from an upcoming 2022 EP. Co-written with Justin Gammella, mixed by Michael Brauer, you can hear Rosie’s favourite contemporary artists including Chelsea Cutler, Julia Michaels, and Olivia Rodrigo coming through in the use of style and narrative. Always Almost is described as channelling the “frustration about being in a relationship where it’s almost working but isn’t – how one person can put that blame on themselves.”

The lyrics are a poignant, relatable letter revolving around the self-sabotage of love, loss, and renewal. Beginning with, “I notice red flags and stop signs before I see green lights”, these lyrics set the theme acutely well. For anyone who has experienced fear of commitment especially, the lyrics hit very deep relaying back all the little things we use as coping mechanisms to prevent ourselves from getting too close to something so wonderful. The act of keeping someone we love at a distance because we think it is best for us both when actually, in doing so, we “never get to fall in love.”

Hopefully, this song will provide comfort in relatability for listeners that have experienced a similar situation of witnessing a relationship on the brink of existence but shying away at the last moments. Rosie captures this well in the phrase, “could’ve been, should’ve been something good” demonstrating a self-awareness of how the situation could have gone despite the reality falling short. Additionally, Always Almost has the potential to provide hope and encourage bravery with its candid perspective. 

The chorus supports the song well, ensuring the pace has moments of alteration, building as the song progresses as overall, the track remains fairly slow. Rosie has a distinct, delicate voice that suits her genre very well, making it easy to embrace the honest tale. Furthermore, the music video which is directed by Laura Lynn Petrick is a well-executed accompaniment to the story, showing moments between a couple as well as featuring Rosie alone on occasion to showcase the distance the narrator establishes between herself and their partner. 

Rosie uses her music to learn more about herself and “share those lessons with the rest of the world”. This is the latest release after Rosie’s debut EP Coping which has similar musicality and tone. However, this was not Rosie’s first exposure to the music industry having released L. A with producer OKO in 2017 which resulted in a lot of traction. Following this, she wrote Never Be The Same for EDM duo Tritonal, reaching number one on Sirius XM’s BPM radio. Always Almost is a perfect next stop on her music journey. 

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